Friday, June 05, 2009

Haze in KL

Photo was taken on last Saturday. Haze attack back in town! Last week the visibility while driving at KL-Putrajaya highway was bad, during the weekend, at about sunset, I went out to the balcony, I hardly see the twin tower, because of the haze. I think this turn to be something normal here, instead of raining and sunny, I think we need to add one more weather condition, Haze.

I'm not sure this happened because of the open burning in Indonesia, but I think the hot season here cause this, with little rain drops in the city, not enough water to flush all the dust and smoke been produce by industry and vehicle.

Owch...suddently I sound like the green peace, pencita alam pulak...hehehe...anyway, good weather contributes to good mood, when you are healthy, you feel happy. With this kind of weather, I don't feel like doing too much outdoor activity . Nak ambik outdoor shoot? Mimiplah kalau cuaca macam ni...nampak asap jer...Nak pergi jogging and climbing...confirm akan semput!...

Nasib baik ada MINI....wink wink...

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