Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Toko Tiga Bandung

Toko Tiga Bandung, lets talk about shopping then later we continue with site seeing activities again, this is my first time to Toko Tiga Bandung, my last visit I did not came here for shopping due to tight schedule. Well here is the place for men, very little stuff for us women. Toko Tiga Bandung is a place for jeans, tshirt and shirt. 

There were lots of jeans from all brands inclusing Levis, Levis at Toko Tiga cost about Rp550000, which about RM150, am not sure whether is it cheap or not as am not a Levis fan. But, tshirt is really cheap here which you may get around Rp50000 - Rp 80000 ecah, if you are a fan or hard rock items collector, you may get yours here, good quality hard rock shirt from all over the world, authentic or not, I have no idea, but personally who cares... as the quality is really good.

 If you like leather jackets, boots, they do have that at Toko Tiga  as well.

They do have rest area and musolah at Toko Tiga, so if you are tired or bored waiting for your shopaholic partner you may just hang out at the rest area...

Toko Tiga is not a big building, just 2 story building and it would be pack with Malaysian...hehe.. I cant recall about their operating hours which I assume around 9AM - 9PM. Will I go there again if am going to Bandung for my next visit? Hmmm...not really my priority I think as am not a fan of jeans and its full of men stuff... :D

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